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Play basketball how to train bounce force
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1, crouch partly jump ① in the begining, crouch to the position of 1/4 partly, before both hands puts park, ② jumps up least from the ground 20cm arrives 25cm. (Be like the word that you feel easy, you can jump to 25cm-30cm) . Should be in sky, your both hands needs to be put at the back. When touchdown, finish. Next, need to repeat above measure only.
2, carry tiptoe (lift heel) ① above all, look for a stair or a book to pay a foot, next tiptoe superpose, calcaneal does not get touchdown or filling up ② tiptoe to carry apogee ③ is put down slowly again, finish.
3, step ① looks for piece of chair, put a foot, show 90 degrees of ② to do one's best start aside, the foot is changed in sky, put on the chair again, ③ repeats 2, on the crural replace chair of will former take off, finish jump additionally.
4, even if jump,① double foot is put straight, be the same as with the shoulder wide, "Locking " knee... ② jumps with crus only. Curve crural 腂, knee does not bend as far as possible... when ③ reachs the ground, take off again quickly, finish... this one is very difficult, usable hand help takes off...
5, tiptoe jumps ① carries tiptoe apogee ② takes off quickly with tiptoe, 1.5 must not exceed when jumping or 2.5cm
6, crouch jump (this one drills every week) ① stands, bosom basketball crouchs at the ② before the bosom (crouch) partly, see ahead, the back is straight, raise tiptoe, ham needs to maintain start of 90 degrees of ③ to 8cm-13cm, must maintain measure the pose of 2, ④ touchdown, finish. If ⑤ wants the word that jumps 15 times, 1-14 needs start 8cm-13cm, the 15th, need to do one's best high jump.

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