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The exercise uses the note of feeling bicycle
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The exercise uses the note of feeling bicycle:
1. Attend for the first time change feeling bicycle course, can finish eye demarcate the lesson to hold to. Increase intensity; accordingly according to his circumstance slowly
2. Proper bicycle setting is very main, saddle position crosses small conference to cause genu ministry ache and other loss. Consult practice to coach how you install bicycle; correctly certainly before beginning to pedal
3. Because the gear of bicycle is round, riding car skill correctly is: The attention rectifies a; with foot step
4. The habit when most person cycles steps foot step again, when liking to be down, to step on forcibly, rest up. Actually, press foot step to be able to weaken a leg downward ministry, crus is mixed a force of 2 musculature, the power that when cycling, transmits decreases, ham is particularly easy fatigue, want forcibly so even.

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