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Have the undesirable habit of caustic female fitness
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The undesirable habit of fitness of female having damage basically has below 3:
After 1 meal not motion
Like to be secured directly after a lot of female meals be in in some, or chat or watch TV, can cause body puffiness for long so. Expert proposal female, meal hind should do a few housework more, brush for example brush a bowl, sweep sweep the floor, perhaps go out to take a walk. Anyhow, ambitious him approach moves 15 minutes after the meal, but not too acuteness.
2 be on a diet to reduce weight
  Human body must absorb certain nutrition and quantity of heat everyday, ability keeps the normal movement of airframe, excessive be on a diet no good. Dietary expert matched for gymnastical female prescription of a scientific have dinner: The food that breakfast should eat to be given priority to with protein and fruit; lunch a few absorbing carbohydrate is like rice, steamed bread, eat the dinner of; of coarse food grain such as samp to want as far as possible delicate, eat fresh vegetable and fruit, complementary with congee.
3 laziness are dye-in-the-wood
As above does not wish to walk more in class road, the car that can take does not miss; to be in the home absolutely often a pose watchs TV for long. The inert harm of these clearly is the greatest, be ignored the most easily also by the female. Expert proposal, can go out the activity is not staying in the home, can not ride a bicycle on foot, can not take a car by bicycle, anyhow, can move be about to move more.

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