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Climb a few attentions that take exercise measure
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1, the attention drinks water more
Before climbing even if be not thirsty,also should drink a cup of water, already but attenuant blood, when can reducing motion again lack water. When climbing, also should notice to complement at any time moisture, had better be the athletic beverage that contains electrolyte, can reduce fatigue feeling, as soon as possible refection. A few for many times, drink 3 big every time, via tipple, do not wait thirsty drink again.
2, attention successive
Some of simple warm up activity should be done before climbing, climbed height and time should live to change a condition and be decided when the manual peace according to oneself. If feel fatigue, perhaps have flustered, bosom frowsty, give abnormal sweating due to general debility to wait, answer to suspend campaign instantly, on the spot rests, never hold to constrainedly.
3, the attention uses pulse to control intensity
The pulse in climbing maintains the heartbeat of target of fitness having oxygen in oneself from beginning to end in, 170 decrease the age (do not exceed 180 to decrease age) , once should stop a bit quickly,climb again, OK and brief stand 1, 2 minutes climb again. Also can rest 10 minutes to arrive 20 minutes, the attention does not sit down immediately, should stand a little while to sit down again rest. The attention does not want lie down to rest, put on the dress even, prevent catch a cold.

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