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The tactics turning over a fault that basketball bars and does not grab
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Bar and be not being grabbed is to defend team member of aggression of team member team has block the way, grabbing when the condition is immature, do not undertake grabbing a ball easily, after seizing relatively stable opportunity, do it again, this is surrounded namely and do not attack, the tactics turning over a fault that bar and does not grab.
The technology applies: After aggression team member takes a ball to press a bottom line, two defend team member converging attack is attacked square, and follow closely undertakes at the back close-fitting defend, main purpose is block the way and do not be eager to be being grabbed, step by step press hard on, ceaseless feed-in attacks team member to create interference and pressure, in aggression square one face about is other perhaps below the circumstance that accuses a ball to become loose, defend team member undertakes be grabbinged immediately, force so that attack square gradually shrink back the bottom line perhaps undertakes having the ball continuously answering passing. When having this technology, defend tacit agreement should have between the teammate of team member assist prevent, the team member that cannot invite aggression has the opportunity of reinforce, such ability give the person that carry a ball ceaselessly to use force, production difficulty, just can make block the way produces ideal result thereby.

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