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One, motion receiving an abdomen
Lie on one's back, double leg is apart, the waist does not stick the ground, two arms make the same score the side that put system. Tighten up abdominal muscle, make vertebral and clingy ground, maintain a pose 6 seconds, loosen next reductive. Thresh 12. When receiving an abdomen expiratory, when loosening inspiratory.
2, hold out lumbar motion
1. Preliminary pose: Lie on one's back, the back sticks the ground, double leg bend one's knees is apart, double arm is smooth the side that put system
2. Movement: Control abdominal muscle, slow hold out a waist, till have humeral head touchdown only. Back keeps erect 4 seconds. Next slow put down the waist reductive. Thresh 12.
3, turn motion
Lie on one's back, right leg bend one's knees, right leg is put on left thigh, two arms make the same score the side that put system, control is down. Right knee as far as possible towards the left is placed, thresh 8. Next, left foot is put on right ham, left knee is placed right as far as possible, thresh 8. Each repeat do 2 times. Ministry of the shoulder when placing a leg maintains do not move, two tactics position is changeless.

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