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Of quality of knapsack of large volume double shoulder make an on-the-spot inves
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The quality of knapsack of large volume double shoulder should make an on-the-spot investigation from 5 respects:
1, with makings: Use 300D to go to the Oxford of 600D commonly cloth, degree of simple nevertheless sense, wear-resisting, colour and lustre, coating can have distinction, japan of excel of general and Euramerican product, korea of Japanese product excel, korea excel is homebred (be not improperly belittle oneself, solid it is industry situation, especially function cloth) . It is fabrics of Du Bang CORDURA best, strong, wear-resisting, function exceeds other staple.
2, craft: Treatment craft level is decided by worker craft and machine equipment, muti_function double needle machine, knot machine, shape the compression moulding machine, machine that press glue. Programming and quality are supervised also have main effect. Visit processing factory of a few knapsack, can have perceptual knowledge to whole process.
3, accessory: Slide fastener, buckle, belt of binding off rope, nylon has very much exquisite. The most popular good slide fastener is Japanese YKK slide fastener, divide again be produced formerly and homebred, best slide fastener is produced from boreal Europe. Buckle quality class is very much, it is with DURAFLEX best, UTX-DURAFLEX is in what Shenzhen produces.
4, design: Bag form, bear system, space allocation, packet configuration, outside hang design, back to come loose the sweat that heat up a platoon, cover that prevent rain. Good knapsack has outstanding advantage in design respect.
5, what make an on-the-spot investigation finally is a brand: Brand not only the price with higher interest, also mean the acceptance after quality is ensured and making work.

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