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The ping-pong on international pats the norms of the match to ask
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(one) the application taking a side that uses drive the " of glue of " common grain with an outward grain is enclothed, ply of along with adhesive does not exceed 2 millimeter; Or with grain " of inward or outward " sponge glue is enclothed, ply of along with adhesive does not exceed 4 millimeter. "" of common grain glue is one does not have foamy natural balata or synthetic rubber, its grain must with every square centimeter not less than 10, not 50 over average density distributings at whole face. "Sponge glue " enclothes glue of a common grain on a cellular rubber namely, the ply of common grain glue does not exceed 2 millimeter.
(2) covering should be enclothed whole take a side, but must not exceed its margin.
(3) any interlining in motherboard, motherboard, covering and agglutinate layer Ying Weihou are spent even a whole.
(4) whether does bat two sides have covering no matter, must lacklustre and it is at the same time vermeil, other one side is black.
(5) the attaint as a result of the accident, wear away or fade, the consistency on the integral sex that makes heterodyne range and color appears slight difference, want to did not change the property that takes a side apparently only, can allow to use.

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