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Chan Shesheng of red double happiness falls movable type T2125
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Main technique parameter:
Mesa dimension: 2740*1525MM
The table is high: &Nbsp; 760MM
Stretch: &Nbsp; 220-250MM
Stretch uniformity: ?0MM
Mesa glossiness: ?0 is spent
Mesa coefficient of friction: ?.4
Ball stage stability: ?MM
Tailor-made ball stage is special plank
Exterior gush model, inside foot quadrature of metal of 30 × 60MM canal, of trundle, the foot holds high regulating unit outside. Have second gear (660, 760mm) height rises falling regulating unit.
Technical analysis:
Two archives height, suit adolescent to use particularly
Rose in June 2002, the ' that mesa uses special development is new blue ' color, reduce mesa material color to disturb ' to ' vision of the athlete

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