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Model development is abided by well-balanced and harmonious with integral princi
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The development of bodily form should be abided by well-balanced, harmonious the principle with whole. Like neck weak point shoulder is narrow, answer to basically develop deltoid and chest muscle, inclined square flesh should be little develop; Itself is cervical as nicer as humeral ministry scale person should develop in the round, make a shoulder more strong and handsome; Shoulder breadth and the muscle that the person of muscle weakness should strengthen humeral ministry, back and chest muscle more practices.
Want to develop sarcous form, the power drill with bigger negative charge is more effective. Want to follow the principle of do according to one's abilities, successive when force practices. Exercise of good warm up should be done before force practices, after the exercise ends, should have done arrange an activity, have very good effect with ache to reducing muscle to get hurt.
Model method:
1, dumbbell choose: Both hands grasps one dumbbell each, two arms are inflectional boxing heart backward, lift a pose into the turn, next up choose, at the same time antebrachium rotates (thumb by turn inside extroversion) , till two arms unbend, next slow time, repeat again. Toe-int of main development deltoid and in bundle, increasing power while decrease overmuch adipose.
2, the push-up with inward tiger's mouth-jaws of death: Tiger's mouth-jaws of death of two tactics palm is inward, the palm points to opposite, span is wide do push-up at the shoulder. When the upper arm is bent, the speed that falls below the body does not want too fast, make bosom is stuck to the ground as far as possible. Basically develop deltoid toe-int and chest muscle.

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